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  • "Hahahaaa, crazy idea :) "
    on: The PocketPlug: A Smartphone Case that Plugs Directly Into the Wall, No Cables Necessary
  • "First congratulations for the great review.I am a Samsung user but I want to address my dissatisfaction with the "official" power cases. When it comes to cases the brand producers don't put enough effort in design and quality at all. The price is expected but the product are failing no matter it stands for Apple or Samsung. They have a whole area for innovations with the cases. They could make so much more. Meanwhile, companies like www.iblades.com and www.nexpaq.com are doing the thing that needs to be done. Google had it for a while with the ARA but backed down and didn't released a nice case for the Pixel, though they had the knowledge and experience. Otterbox is another example of cases with an idea and great execution. I hope it won't be long until we see an official case that's worth having1"
    on: Apple Hits a Speed Bump by Making One
  • " I came again to this post and I will leave another comment. The word modular pieces got my attention this time. It is certain that the situation on the smartphone market will stay the same since even Google started following the leaders with the Pixel. Modular Pieces in the  form of modular or smart cases are a subject that i want to address to. They need to be encouraged. There are brands like Nexpaq (https://nexpaq.com/), I-blades (https://i-blades.com/) and a line from Otterbox (http://www.otterbox.com/en-us/universe-case-system) that deserve respect for fighting on a battleground that is conquered by giants.2"
    on: Google's Modular Phone: Clever Concept or an Awkward Crossover Between Product and Interaction Design?
  • "Nice analysis Mike. Scott, I share your opinion that modular pieces are a good idea. But since the project is long gone it showed that even Google is not up to the task. IMO adding modular parts to existing smartphones is a great area that needs further development."
    on: Google's Modular Phone: Clever Concept or an Awkward Crossover Between Product and Interaction Design?
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